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How to get to Hefei:


International/Domestic Flights to Hefei (Direct)
  International Flights

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1. The maximum energy of the batteries that can be transported by plane is limited. The passengers should be aware of that limitation allowed by the airline.

2. Transportation from Shanghai Pudong Internatinoal Airport (PVG) to Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station.

3. Transportation from Shanghai HongQiao International Airport (SHA) to Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station.

Transportation from Shanghai Pudong International Airport  (PVG) to Shanghai Railway Station.



Domestic Trains to Hefei from Major Cities (Direct)
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1. Train tickets can be purchased through the official website (only in Chinese) and Ctrip website (in both Chinese and English). Passport holders can purchase train tickets in China. After purchaing the ticket on line, the passengers are still required to pick up the paper ticket at the Ticket Sale in the railway station. The passengers need take valid personal documents, such as identity card, passport, etc. The ticket machine can not be used for the passengers who hold the passport. They need to go to the counter to pick up the paper ticket.

2. The passengers can buy the paper ticket directly at the counter in the railway station. The passengers need take valid personal documents, such as identity card, passport, etc.

3. The passengers have to keep the train ticket during the travel. The tickets are required when leaving the train station. By the way, please keep close attention to your belongings during the traveling.

4. Highlighted regulations: When you book tickets online, you caní»t enter your name more than 30 characters, including spaces and other characters expect "." or "•".

How to get to Venue:

Transport Hub


Hefei Xinqiao

International Airport

Hefei South

Railway Station

 Hefei Railway


Hefei Center CoachStation(not recommendedfor foreigners)

The Distance to

the Venue

50km 8km 20km 20km

Express line to the venue

No Yes,detailed in notes No No


60min 12min 30min 30min


RMB 140 RMB 18 RMB 40 RMB 40
Bus (not recommended) No direct The Bus Stop is far, we do not recommended you to take the bus.

1. There is one express line (bus) on 21/05 and 22/05 directly from Hefei South Railway Station to the venue (Platinum Hanjue Hotel). You can take the bus at the Hefei South Station Louge that is beside the taxi waiting area. There will be ECCE volunteers who can help you to find the pick-up point. The ticket price is RMB15 per person. It takes you around 20 min from the railway station to the venue. The working time of the bus is from 9:00 to 23:00 on 21/05 and 22/05. The bus departs each 45 min. If there is a long queue for the taxi, this will be a better choice. 


2. There are mainly 4 different coachs station in Hefei in quite different locations, as shown in the map above. Here, it  is  strongly recommended for  the foreigners to take an official taxi to the venue, if they arrive at one of the stations.

3. Hefei Xinqiao International Airport

  4. Hefei South Railway Station

5. Official taxi

  How to distinguish the official tax:

  1. The main types of taxis in Hefei are listed above.

  2. There is a "taxi" sign on the roof.

  3. There is a meter in the taxi.

  4. The receipt can be provided.

  5. Please ask for receipt when you get off. If you do not ask, the driver usually does not give you the receipt.