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Tutorial 1£ºPreparing and Reviewing Manuscripts for IEEE Journal Publication
Brad Lehman & Jian Sun  Don Tan Juri Jatskevich 

Tutorial 2£ºDesign of Wireless Electric Vehicles: Dynamic & Stationary Charging Technologies
Chun T. Rim 

Tutorial 3£ºDesign, Control and Topology for High Performance LLC Resonant Converters
Yan-Fei Liu 

Tutorial 4£ºTechnology and Practical Techniques to Test Power Devices
Ryo Takeda 

Tutorial 5£ºAdvanced Control Strategy for High Performance AC Servo System
Dianguo Xu & Ming Yang Yong Yu  

Tutorial 6£ºSolid-State Transformers-Key Design Chal-lenges, Applicability, and Future Concepts
Johann W. Kolar Jonas E. Huber

Tutorial 7£ºCapacitors in Power Electronics Applications-Sizing, Modeling, and Reliability
Huai Wang & Frede Blaabjerg 

Tutorial 8£ºPrinciples and Practices of Digital Current Regulation for AC Systems
Grahame Holmes 

Tutorial 9£ºA Survey on Advanced Methods of Control in Electrical Drives
Mario Pacas & Ralph M. Kennel  

Tutorial 10£ºDesign Challenges for High Frequency Magnetic Circuit Design for Power Conversion
William Gerard Hurley