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Plenary Talk  
   Dr. Jack (Yilei) Gu
 Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.
 "State-of-the-Art PV inverters"

Plenary Talk  
   Prof. An Luo 
 Hunan University
 "Technology and Application of High Power Electromagnetic stirring and Heating"

Plenary Talk  
   Dr. Gourab Majumdar
 Semiconductor & Device Group of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
 "Si and SiC Power Modules enabling power electronics growth"

Plenary Talk  
   Prof. Chris Mi
 San Diego State University
 "High Efficiency Wireless EV Charger Based on Capacitive Power Transfer Principle"

Plenary Talk  
   Dr. Don Tan
 "Grid Modernization: Electronic, Fractal, Structured, Fault-Tolerant, Resilient, and Asynchronous"

Plenary Talk VI  

 Prof. Kwang Hee Nam
 "Motor and Inverter Developments for EVs"