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IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia is the premier international event in the fields of power electronics, and in 2016 it will be hosted in Hefei, China. IPEMC 2016 is expected to bring together experts and professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and share experiences at a global level.
Partnership of IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia provides a unique chance to raise the international profile and position for your company to be at the forefront of the power electronics fields. Partnership of this event also helps move the internal industry arena forward by supporting the participation of many talented researchers; therefore, it helps uplift the image of your organization.
Do not miss out on these various partnership opportunities that we have to offer. If you need further information on our Partnership Program, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat at IPEMC2016@hfut.edu.cn.



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Contact to
Secretariat for IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia
Address: No.193 Tunxi Road, IPEMC2016, Institute of Energy Research Hefei, University of Technology, Hefei, Anhui 230009, China
E-mail: IPEMC2016@hfut.edu.cn
Website: http://www.IPEMC2016.org