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TPC Members and  Reviewers

 Guideline for Finial Paper Submission to IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia

Important Dates
The deadline for submitting final manuscripts and copyright forms is March. 31, 2016.

Full Paper Submission
All accepted papers for IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia will be published in IEEE Xplore and indexed by EI database. Therefore, please follow the steps below to prepare and submit your finial manuscripts so that they meet the requirements for publication. 

STEP1: Get your Xplore compatible manuscript ready with the following files.  

Full paper template(MS Word template): 

LATEX template can be downloaded from the following website: 
Instructions for Authors to Create Your Full Paper in PDF:
a) An appropriate IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia copyright notice must be included on the bottom of the first page of the paper using 10 point Times New Roman font in bold italic type. Please add this copyright notice in your finial manuscript according to the instructions given in the above links.
b) IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia only accepts an Xplore compatible PDF file, please visit to get it. Detailed information is also in the above instructions.

STEP2: Conference Registration

IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia requires every accepted paper to be linked to a full conference registration (i.e. not a student registration) by one of the authors. 
You would need to register the conference before submitting your final manuscript.

Online registration linkage£º

a) You will get a confirmation email with a registration code after completing your conference registration. This registration code has to be used to submit your final manuscript.

 STEP3: Submitting your paper to EDAS  

1. Log in your EDAS account with the email for the digest submission and find your paper list by clicking the pull-down menu ¡®My papers¡¯ of top menu ¡®My¡­¡¯.

2. Choose one of your papers to start your full paper submission by clicking the title of this paper.

3. On the webpage of your paper, you can find the properties of your paper shown as : 
4. Specify the presenter of your paper by clicking the icon next to the property ¡®Presenter(s) ¡¯on this webpage. 
This specified presenter will get an electronic visa letter by logging in his (her) account synchronized with this paper and clicking the icon in this webpage.
5. Input your registration code by clicking the icon next to the property ¡®Registration Code ¡¯ on this webpage.
6. Submit your electronic copyright form by clicking the icon next to the property ¡®Copyright form¡¯ on this webpage. 
Clicking the button of  will direct you to the IEEE online copyright form submission system. A copyright form in PDF will be emailed to you if you complete this submission successfully. Please submit this PDF form again in EDAS by re-clicking the iconnext to the property ¡®Copyright form¡¯.
a) Please double check your submitted copyright notice is the same as that added on the bottom of the first page in your finial manuscript.
b) The copyright form in PDF should be submitted to EDAS for the publication purpose. 
7. Submit your finial paper by clicking the iconnext to the property ¡®Finial manuscript¡¯ on this webpage.
a) The maximum length of a full paper is 8 (eight) pages.
b) TPC only accepts a PDF file compatible with Xplore. Please double check the format of your finial manuscript.

If you have any questions about paper submission, please do not hesitate to contact us via