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1. Devices, Packaging and System Integration
Power ICs Power semiconductor devices Passive components
2. Power Converters and Control
DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC, AC/DC and multilevel converters Innovative topologies and applications
Modulation and control strategies Modeling, simulation and testing
Reliability, diagnosis and protection EMI and EMC of power electronic systems
3. Motor Drives and Motor Control
Electronic motor drives Motion control, robotics and sensorless control
Electric machines, actuators and sensors Industrial applications
4. Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technologies
Renewable energy systems and grid integration Energy storage systems
Microgrid and distributed generation Transmission and distribution technologies
Energy efficiency and sustainable buildings Smart grid technologies
5. Electric Propulsion Systems
Electric and hybrid vehicles Transit, aerospace and marine systems
Power supplies and chargers Battery modeling and management systems
Automotive electronics
6. Power Quality Mitigation

Power factor correction and harmonic mitigation

Power quality analysis and enhancement

Static shunt, series and combined compensators
7. Emerging Technologies and Other Applications
Wireless power transfer Energy harvesting Bio-medical applications